Class Descriptions


*In each class you will receive the fullness of the technical training of each specific style of dance. You will be challenged and have fun at the same time. We look forward for you to bring your best hard working attitude to each and every class.

Ballet- In these classes your dancer will learn to move with grace and precision through the technique of this classical form of dance. With Ballet being the foundation of all dance styles, we HIGHLY recommend all students take Ballet to deepen their dance training. **Ballet is a requirement to take for Contemporary, Modern and Pointe**

Pointe- Pointe is a part of classical Ballet technique that is completed within Pointe shoes. As this is a very challenging class which requires strength technically and physically all students must be evaluated and approved by our staff to take this class.


Strength & Technique Class- Within this class, students will be given additional technical tools that are necessary to execute all styles of technique with strength and precision. Through strengthening exercises, core work and a great attention to the dancer’s body alignment/technique your dancer will be prepared to succeed within their additional classes. **Strength and Technique Class is a requirement to take for Pointe and Members of SEED Dance Co**


Jazz-Our Jazz classes are fun, energetic and a mix of classical and current styles of Jazz technique. Your dancer will be challenged to expand their dance vocabulary in leaps, jumps, turns and fast choreography!


Contemporary- A style of movement that infuses the technical elements of jazz, ballet and modern into passion filled movement often to bring a deepened meaning and concept to the audience through movement. We really challenge our dancers to find out who they are as unique artists and movers through this class. **Contemporary is a requirement for Improv**

Tap- A style of dance performed with shoes fitted with metal taps, characterized by rhythmical tapping of the shoes and heels. Your dancer will learn how to make beats and rhythms with their feet while learning the classic dance style of Tap!


Modern- A free expressive style of dance that was started in the 20th century as a reaction to classical Ballet. This class will challenge your dancer to become a strong, clean, technical mover as we explore various techniques within Modern dance and learn from the pioneers and history this great style of dance offers to us!


Acrobatics-  Similar to the floor work seen in gymnastics, dancers will learn tips and tricks through expanding their strength, flexibility, balance and partner work. They will be learning a variety of movements including backbends, cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings and so much more. Through this class we want your dancer to not only learn the movements of acrobatics but how to incorporate them into all other styles of dance. 

Hip-hop-  These classes are a FUN urban dance style that will focus on various Hip-hop dance techniques! In these classes, your dancer will learn to groove, communicate a powerful message with strength and become more FREE in their movement.


Seed Dance CO- SDC is an in-studio performing company only for the serious dancer in the Advanced level. In SDC you will have performance opportunities, assisting opportunities, extra classes and so much more!

Ballet Discipleship Program-  A daytime program that is ideal for homeschooled students who would like to go further within their Ballet training while learning practical skills and tools that can be used as ministry in unique ways.


Mommy and Me Class- A class for 18 month olds to 2.5 yr olds to learn gross motor coordination, listening skills through music and a time of bonding with Momma and babe! In this class, you and your little one will learn how to stretch, dance with props and learn the fundamentals of dance and movement!

Intro to Dance- This class is designed for your active 2.5 yr old who is ready to move! We have a 30 minute class designed just for them to learn the basics of Ballet and Jazz while they have a great time learning how to move! This class is a perfect class for your future dancer to learn about the environment of a dance class, the basics of movement and allowing them to express through hearts with props and storytelling.


*If you are taking Contemporary or Modern you MUST be registered for Ballet.

*If you are taking Pointe, you must be registered for Ballet and Strength & Technique Class.

*If you are taking Improv, you must be registered for Ballet and Contemporary.

*If you are a member of SEED Dance Co you must be registered for Ballet, Strength & Technique and Contemporary (OR) Modern.

*If you are a part of the Ballet Discipleship Program, you must be registered for Ballet.